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Click on the following links to download the ZIP file. These contain the source, or the binary EXE WIN32 files. Most were compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 ... Naturally the source, and EXE is destined for a WIN32 environment, but some may be adaptable to other environments ... no warranty is given or implied ... Just some PERSONAL tools ... USE AT OWN RISK!

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Download Brief Information MD5 Digest Size Date Source: Utility for comparing two folders (directories). It is base on Microsoft WINDIFF circa 1998. 949160ab2a1f3d2eafe147568b25e26a 800.6KB 2005/11/05 Executable: Utility for comparing two folders (directories). 54da7d142ad8477eb4758b4dad057e0d 214.6KB 2005/11/05 Source: Directory scan, outputting HTML summary. 31c3ae06cb3896122d62a63ae45b4eaf 16.7KB 2005/04/16 Executable: Directory scan, outputting HTML summary eae01d13c1d4d0ce80d10548b4293f7a 84.9KB 2005/04/16 Source: DIB/BMP Viewer fb4951a0a2fd2e8e7efd71b29a1a7161 2.3MB 2005/11/29 Executable: DIB/BMP Viewer a078c68e39278c87462b6d11d739ecbe 318.4KB 2005/11/29 Source: Execute, with redirection. 9ba4b5c377bffd0b3d981cf8e73e96f8 19.7KB 2005/02/22 Executable: Execute, with redirection. a5b52c97f72af8c307c1eeec85091a71 21.2KB 2005/02/22 Source: Find All, in files. 175d96c0d69ef3697c5e587b9de89cd3 136.6KB 2005/11/27 Executable: Find All, in files. 30ef157a07df710d182e32a63c4e38c6 52.5KB 2005/11/27 Source: File Compare. 95a6cb8f475797c49e54d24b9b58976a 63.7KB 2005/11/17 Source: Fix a file, with various options 91fab863c5da46f0f84ac9d45cdfdba6 43.5KB 2005/02/05 Executable: Fix a file, with various options. b01683359cb2dfdcbeeacb5c1231cde7 84.6KB 2005/02/06 Source: MD5 Generation, and compare. d7f6e9298bb5fab360c6a65e4fcfdc2d 11.7KB 2005/11/21 Source: SHA1 Generation, and compare. 1c78f4e9a830048e460f58879608f474 9.7KB 2005/11/23 Source: Visual Basic Browser, using IE in-place COM component. 918e16da754c4940eb6c0170691cbd3e 78.7KB 2005/04/19 Executable: Visual Basic Browser, using IE in-place COM component. 54a5f597db0c2f59137d26af4cba7764 59.8KB 2005/04/19

Listed 17 for download ... Due care should be taken in downloading and running EXE files from the web ... Praise me if it works, but do not blame me ;=)) These are just a list of my person tools, and have no other intended purpose ... as stated clearly, USE AT OWN RISK!

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